Ground Deformation Calculations

Calculation Programme

  • Realistic calculation of building site soil layers
  • FEM, physically non-linear
  • Spatial formulation
  • Elasto-plastic material behavior
    • Cap-cone model with cap expansion
    • Stressing and de-stressing
    • Functions for plastic-dilatant and contractant work
    • Irreversible changes in density / memory-effect
    • Cohesion
  • Soil material parameters from standard laboratory tests
    • Cyclical compression deformation tests
    • Oedometric load cycles
  • Soil-structure interactions by non-linear contact elements

Unpredictable was yesterday.

In many exacting building projects, the realistic calculation and projection of interactions between the structure and the surrounding site is of decisive importance. This applies for example to building pits on roads or adjacent to neighbouring buildings.

To solve these problems, based on our decades of experience with very difficult building works we developed the BIN-GEO calculation programme for our everyday engineering practice. The programme encompasses building phases, advancing and retreating states, pre-loadings and the non-linear bearing and deformation behaviour of the soil.

A newly-developed non-linear spatial material model allows us to directly understand the complex physical processes in the soil during stressing and de-stressing. The material parameter functions required for the calculations of stress and deformation are standardised to the usual compression deformation and shear tests. Contact elements specifically designed for foundation engineering applications capture the complicated interactions between building site layers and the components of the structure. The detailed formulation of the tensorial stress and deformation laws was carried out in the framework of doctoral research in collaboration with the Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering at Braunschweig University of Technology.

Measurements of actual forces and deformations during the execution of building works, for example at the Altenwerder harbour extension or the Europa Passage building pit, have impressively confirmed our calculations and the material model.

Meanwhile the deployment of BIN-GEO has proved its worth in a multiplicity of building projects. The following linked projects are among them:

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