Shield Machines
S-738, 746 - Constructional testing
Filder Tunnel, Stuttgart 21

  • Client: Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Manufacturer of tunnel boring machines: Herrenknecht AG
  • Total length: c. 2 x 9.5 km
    Shield diameter: c. 10.82 m
    Covering: max. 220 m
    Height difference: c. 155 m
    Inclination: up to 25 ‰
  • Time: 2013 - 2021
    Building costs: c. 500 mill. EUR
  • Our scope: Calculating and checking of the construction of shield machines S-738 and S-746

SUSE, lead the way.

The twin-bore Filder Tunnel is part of German railways’ (Deutsche Bahn) large-scale Stuttgart 21 project. It connects Stuttgart’s main railway station with the Filder Plain and the airport.

The tunnel has a total length of c. 9.5 km. About half of its length is being excavated by the SUSE tunnel boring machines. SUSE is an abbreviation of "Stuttgart-Ulm schneller erreicht" (Stuttgart to Ulm reached faster). The shield diameter of the boring machines is 10.82 m and the eventual internal diameter of the tunnel will be 9.6 m.

The convertible multi-mode tunnel boring machines were manufactured by the firm Herrenknecht. Our task was to calculate and check the steel construction of shield machines S-738 and S-746 independently of the manufacturer. Our calculations were carried out using a 3D FEM model.

So SUSE is now digging its way through the earth, slowly but surely, so that Deutsche Bahn and its connection between Stuttgart and Ulm will soon be faster.