Harbour Expansion
New Building of Berths
Hamburg Altenwerder

  • Client:
    Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Wirtschaftsbehörde, Amt für Strom und Hafenbau
  • New quay wall
  • New building of two Berths (1st construction phase)
  • Deformation calculations
  • Length of quay wall: 955 m
  • Quay wall can be extended to the north and south
  • Time: 1999 - 2001
  • Building costs: c. 35 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural and civil engineering,
    preparation of tender documents

Berths for giants.

The new terminal in Altenwerder represents a new chapter in the history of the Port of Hamburg. It is the most modern of its kind in Europe. In a first construction phase, two berths have been created for the latest build of large container ships.

To this end, the site of the former fishing village of Altenwerder, which lay at a height of one metre above standard zero level (“Normal-Null” or NN), was brought up to the flood-proof level of standard zero + 7.50 m. The upper edge of the quay wall has now been raised to this height. The shipping channel was enlarged so that even the largest container ships sailing the world’s oceans today can turn and be brought to their berths without any problem in all weather conditions and currents.

The depth of the harbour floor has been increased to 16.70 m below standard zero. The superstructure has been designed to be used by crane bridges with a gauge of 35 m and a 2-way container bridge with a gauge of 18 m.

The two berths are just the beginning. The wing walls are formed in such a way that in the later stages of expansion the quay wall can be extended to the north and south.

Thus, in the future the giants of the oceans will continue to navigate to the Port of Hamburg and supply this commercial hub with goods from all over the world.